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Book Cover Reveal–Moving to Mars

Today is a first for What Was On. As you know, I throw out questions to writers, illustrators, editors, and agents, asking What Was On their desks, minds, t-shirts, refrigerators, and anything else I can think of.

It wasn’t until Stef Wade and I were chatting that I realized I have been missing a FANTASTIC opportunity. Until today, I have never asked What Was On your cover! And since this brainchild was inspired by Stef it is only fitting that I ask this of her first—for her upcoming picture book, Moving to Mars, illustrated by Erin Taylor, and coming out August 1st with Capstone Editions.

But patience, patience. First I want to tease your curiosity with the blurb:

Mars likes peace and quiet and is not happy when unexpected visitors start showing up. But when they leave, Mars realizes being alone isn’t all that great.

Maybe MARS is a people planet after all!

In her follow-up to A Place for Pluto, Stef Wade brings the same mix of humor, science, and friendship to the audience— creating another out-of-this-world reading experience!

“Make space for this clever blend of science and self-realization.” —Kirkus Reviews

Clever blend of science and self-realization! This is exactly my kind of story. And I said that even before I saw the cover. The cover only makes me want to read more.

So, are you ready to see it?

Close your eyes.

Tap your down arrow three times.





Ta da!

It’s such a great snapshot of emotion. Unexpected visitors? I think not!

I can’t wait for August 1st when we get to read the entire story. In the meantime, here is Stef Wade’s bio:

Stef Wade is the best-selling author of A PLACE FOR PLUTO, THE VERY LAST LEAF, and Q & U CALL IT QUITS.

A PLACE FOR PLUTO was a 2018 Barnes & Noble story time pick, 2019 TXLA 2×2 Reading List Book, 2019 UK Summer Reading Challenge book, and a 2019 LITA Golden Duck Notable Picture Book. 

Her next book, MOVING TO MARS, illustrated by Erin Taylor, releases on August 1, 2022 by Capstone. Followed by EVERY DAY’S A HOLIDAY: Winnie’s Birthday Countdown, illustrated by Husna Aghniya, releasing from Running Press in January 2023.

Stef’s bounced all over the Midwest with her college sweetheart husband and her three historically and literary named boys and currently resides in the Milwaukee area.

Stef is represented by Christa Heschke of McIntosh & Otis. For more on Stef, visit her website at You can follow her on Instagram at @stef.wade and Twitter at @stef_wade.

And here is Erin Taylor’s bio:

Erin Taylor likes to travel—by plane, train, automobile, and pencil. She has lived in three different hemispheres and strives to reflect her world experiences in her artwork. When Erin’s feet are on the ground, she loves time with her family, getting lost in the wild, and visiting the zoo. Drawing is a daily necessity, just like eating, which she also enjoys quite a bit!Please share this cover reveal far and wide by clicking any of the buttons below. 

You can keep up to date with Erin at

Now, don’t forget to mark August 1st on your calendars for the release of Moving to Mars!

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