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LeUyen Pham–What Was on Her . . .


LeUyen Pham

LeUyen Pham

I’m thrilled—absolutely THRILLED—to introduce today’s guest, the completely wonderful, completely talented LeUyen Pham!

Uyen was the first ever female layout artist at DreamWorks Animation. Since leaving there 14 years ago, she has illustrated nearly 70 books, ranging from board books to chapter books to graphic novels. She has collaborated with Charlotte Zolotow, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Kathi Appelt, and actress Julianne Moore. Her self-authored titles include Big Sister Little Sister, All the Things I Love About You, No Such Thing As Little, and A Piece of Cake. This year alone, Uyen is scheduled to release nine books, among which are the latest installments of the Alvin Ho series and my personal favorite, The Princess in Black, a collaboration between Uyen and Shannon & Dean Hale.

Uyen lives in San Francisco with her artist husband, Alex Puvilland, and two sons. As for What Was on LeUyen Pham’s drawing table, nightstand, mind & more, scroll down for our most visually tantalizing guest post ever!    

LeUyen's Drawing Table

LeUyen's Bedside Table

LeUyen's T-Shirt

LeUyen's Right Hand

LeUyen's Mind 2nd

I told you Uyen is completely wonderful!

To keep up to date with her, you can follow her at and on Facebook at How Do You Pronounce LeUyen Pham?!?. If you haven’t read A Piece of Cake, don’t miss out. You can order it by clicking below.

A Piece of Cake

And if you would like to be one of the first to read The Princess in Black, you can pre-order it here: 

The Princess in Black

LeUyen Pham LeUyen Pham LeUyen Pham LeUyen Pham

Be sure to stop by again on August 10 for author Sara Grant, who just happens to also be the co-founder of the fabulous Undiscovered Voices Anthology!

Sandra Nickel Sandra Nickel Sandra Nickel Sandra Nickel Sandra Nickel LeUyen Pham LeUyen Pham LeUyen Pham LeUyen Pham LeUyen Pham

18 thoughts on “LeUyen Pham–What Was on Her . . .

  1. Wow! What a great piece! Did she draw all that for you? You are a blogging rock star! I do have a question, though. Is it the lamp she can’t get rid of, or the ex she can’t get rid of (like he keeps popping back into her life)?

  2. The graphic renditions with their acribic comments are both powerful and engaging, and literally draw you into the pictures – straight into Uyen’s own world (and mind…). Brilliant and hilarious!

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